Top 18 Toxic Food For Dogs


Having a dog, regardless of its breed, is a great responsibility. As owners, we have to offer them a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition to prevent them from getting sick or suffering from obesity. However, we must bear in mind that the organisms of these animals are somewhat different from those of human beings.

Many dog owners do not know exactly what the least healthy foods for these animals are, much less, the effects they can cause. That is why below you will know the 18 toxic foods for dogs that you should avoid giving your pet:

18- Chocolate

It is one of the most toxic foods for dogs. Chocolate has both caffeine and theobromine, which is a substance that can cause problems to the nervous system of these animals as well as seizures, allergies, arrhythmias, or increased blood pressure.

Some common symptoms when a dog eats chocolate are dehydration, pain, vomiting, anxiety, etc. When that happens, it is essential to take the pet to a veterinarian since it could cause its death depending on the amount it has consumed.

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