Worst dog food brands to avoid in 2020


Every owner of a dog always wants the best for his or her dog, hence choosing food they feed it the most critical decision. There are many types of dog food available, but not all are good for dogs. Some dog food variety is made using unhealthy and cheap ingredients that most likely to upset the dog’s stomach and over time can affect their overall health and happiness.

The manufacturer of these bad dog’s food uses cheap ingredients to replace natural proteins and other cheap and additives to reduce the cost and make this food affordable. Still, in turn, it leads to cancer, allergy, obesity and other harmful health conditions in dogs. Below are some of the worst dog foods in 2020.

Worst dog food brands to avoid in 2020

16. Alpo by Purina

This is a dog food brand that should not be part of a daily dog diet. It is a below-average dog food brand that does not meet basic guidelines of production hence making it unhealthy for it to be consumed by the dog. Many complaints have been raised about dogs getting sick after eating this brand of dog food.