Worst 12 Food that Destroys your dog Teeth


If you want your pet dog to stay healthy and physically fit for long years with you, then paying attention to their nutrition diet plan is so much important. Sometimes, you might keep a dog pet in your house for the first time, and you are not too much aware of the food items toxic for them and which can bring healthy results for their body. So for all those pet owners, we are explaining a complete rundown discussion about all those 12 food items which are extremely dangerous and toxic for your dog dental health:


At the top, we have chocolates! Dog’s dental health experts strictly prohibit you from adding the chocolates in their diet routine. Chocolates can damage human teeth, so how can it be possible that it is not detrimental for dog’s teeth as well. Chocolates contain a high amount of caffeine as well as theobromine, which can damage the gum line of the dog’s teeth and make it weak enough. They might start vomiting or face abdominal issues after eating chocolates.


Milk is included with a high amount of milk sugar, which probably the dogs do not have enough enzymes to break it down. This consumption of milk will be leading to the issues of vomiting or some gastrointestinal problems. The side effects can be different on different breeds of the dogs, so make sure you keep it away from your dog by all means. It might not be life-threatening for them but can certainly bring some other issues related to their health.


Cheese is included with a high amount of sugar and some fatty components in it. If you are feeding your dog with an excess amount of cheese, then definitely it can damage their health as well as teeth. It can cause the side effects of vomiting or gas issues.


How can we forget mentioning the name of onions! Almost all dog’s dental health experts recommend keeping the onions away from dogs. Onions are based on certain compounds, which can be a lot damaging for your dog’s teeth. Onions can also damage the red blood cells, which can weaken the bones of the dog body.

5.Macadamia nuts

According to the recent study, Macadamia Nuts is another food item that has been incredibly listed to be dangerous for your dog’s health and teeth. Although the main chemical found in this food item is still not known. But still, it has been investigated that it is toxic for your dog’s health. It can bring the issues of the inability to walk for your dog along with vomiting and depression.


Keep your dog’s diet plan entirely away from the garlic. The side effects can be different on different breeds of the dogs, so make sure you keep it away from your dog by all means. Dogs do not like the smell of garlic, and this is probably the main reason that they knew the fact of how dangerous it is for them. Garlic belongs to the family of onions, so perhaps it can bring the same health issues which an onion offers after consumption.


Just like the Macadamia Nuts, grapes, as well as raisins, are known out to be so toxic for your pet dogs. Its consumption results can come about to be a little bit devastating for your dog. They can show the results of kidney failure along with the vomiting and diarrhea issues. It might be possible that your dog will start developing the issues of dehydration or some lack of appetite.


Every single section of the Avocados is based on the toxin, which is known as persin. This toxin is so much dangerous for your dog’s health and teeth. It can bring side effects based on a variety of avocados. They can show the side effects of an upset stomach, or it might be possible that your dog will find issues in breathing. It can also bring some obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract.

9.Apple cores

If you are feeding your dog with the apple fruit, then make sure you do not serve them with the apple cores because it is so much dangerous for them. The central core of the apple, which can be plums or the peaches, is based on cyanogenic glycoside that is known by the name of cyanide. Some of the common side effects that can take place due to apple cores are seizures, shock, issues in breathing, and sometimes coma.

10.Yeast dough

On the 10th spot, based on dogs’ dental health recommendations, we have the name of yeast dough! The yeast dough, which is used for making the bread, can bring the issues of the stomach for your pet dog. It can also spread in your dog’s stomach system and create the issues of gas in the system of digestion.


We will also be adding our list with the name of caffeine as well. Coffee is based on a certain stimulant, which is known as Methylated xanthine. Methylated xanthine will be stimulating the entire nervous system of your dog or even cause the issues of vomiting. It can bring problems with heart palpitations or even death.


Lastly comes the name of bacon! Bacon is the food item that is rich in fat content. This fat content can bring the issues of pancreatitis disease in your dogs. This can often lead to specific problems of digestion as well as nutrient absorption. The side effects can be different on different breeds of the dogs, so make sure you keep it away from your dog by all means.


So these have been few of the major and important food items which you should be keeping away from your dogs’ diet plan to keep them healthy and

physically fit. We will often recommend you to get in touch with some expert dog’s dental health professional to have more insight data about the food items which are dangerous for your dog.