The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Food with your Dog



Some people wonder if dogs can eat the same type of food as humans do. It is very common for some people to give their dogs the leftover scraps of the food they eat as a type of treat. Is this good or bad for dogs? It depends on several factors.

The digestive system of dogs is not identical to that of humans. There are certain types of food that both humans and dogs can eat, other types that only dogs can eat, and other kinds that only humans can eat.

Dog food

 contains special types of nutrients that dogs require, which are different from the ones humans need.

Human food should never substitute dog food because it has different types of nutrients. You may give your dog some table scraps, but it should not exceed 1o % of the dogs diet. You must also keep in mind that there are some types of human food that are poisonous for your dog, despite the fact that we eat them.

In general, most breeds of dogs eat mostly the same type of food, but in different quantities, depending on each dog’s size. It is important to check with your veterinarian which foods your dog can eat. Some illnesses (and even overweight) can limit the choices.

Human Food that is Toxic to Dogs

The most dangerous foods the your dog should never eat are: chocolate, coffee, tea, xylitol and alcohol. Chocolates are harmful for dogs because they are very difficult to metabolize and can cause death.

However, some dog treats have a chocolate substitute that is safe for them to eat (always consult your veterinarian). Coffee, tea, and any product that has caffeine can accelerate the heartbeat and increase the activity of the nervous system of dogs, and can result in death.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is extremely harmful for dogs. Dogs should never drink alcohol (or products containing alcohol) because it causes tiredness, breathing problems, stomach sickness, and eventually kills them.

Despite the recent commercial tendency from some companies to sell raw meat as dog food, the American Animal Hospital Association, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Veterinary Medical Association state that dogs should never be fed with raw or undercooked animal protein.

This means that dogs should not eat raw meat. It sounds weird, considering that they evolved from wolves, but the genomes of dogs have 36 regions that are different from those of wolves.

Sometimes raw meat can contain pathogens and bacteria, like Salmonella, and dogs can get seriously sick, or even die.

Some of the pathogens cannot be destroyed by freezing or drying the meat. If your dog eats meat. it should be cooked.

There are many types of food that are poisonous for dogs. Avocado makes dogs have breathing problems and it can cause death.

Cherries can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs, and if they are swallowed complete, they can cause a choking hazard or block the intestines. Grapes, currants, sultanas, raisins, and foods that contain these fruits cause kidney failure in dogs and sometimes death.

Large quantities of citrous foods. like lemons and oranges, can cause depression and upset stomach in some dogs. Cinnamon in large quantities can cause liver disease and stomach problems. Coconut products have high quantities of potassium and can cause a dog to get sick of the stomach.

Macadamia nuts and black walnuts are poisonous to dogs and can cause them to choke. Ice cream is not recommended because of it contains a lot of sugar.

Onions, chives, and garlic can cause upset stomach and even anemia in some dogs. Raw eggs can affect the dogs skin and coat.

Dogs can eat bread, but should never eat the yeast dough because it is harmful for them. Salty foods can cause your dog extreme thirst and sodium ion poisoning.

Human Food which Dogs can Eat

Some of the types of human food that dogs can eat are: carrots, cooked white rice, cooked meat, peanut butter, baked bread, and dairy products. Carrots can be eaten by dogs, but it is safer to cut them in bite sizes so that the dog does not choke.

Cooked white rice is good for your dog to eat. Dogs may eat cooked meat, but never raw. A small amount of peanut butter may be healthy for dogs to eat as long as it does not contain chocolate, xylitol, or any other component that is toxic for dogs.

Too much peanut butter can lead to illnesses like pancreatitis. Plain white and wheat baked bread can be eaten by dogs, but it should not exceed 5 % of its regular meal and it should not contain poisonous ingredients, like raisins.

Dogs may drink milk and eat dairy products, as long as they are not lactose intolerant. Peanuts, cashews, and almonds are fine for your dog to eat in small quantities.

Other Food that Dogs cannot Eat

Some people have the bad habit of giving their dogs spoiled food instead of just throwing it away. Spoiled food contains harmful bacteria, which could either get your dog very sick, or even kill it. Some of the most common problems your dog can get are irregular heartbeats, kidney failure, liver damage, botulism, etc. Dogs should never eat spoiled food.


Dog food

 is prepared by professional people and it contains all the nutrients that your dog needs in order to have a healthy diet.

If you want to feed your dog with human food, it may not contain all the nutrient that your dog needs or it may poison your dog.

Always consult your veterinarian so that he or she checks your dog and determines if it has any special type of sickness or condition, what type of human food it can eat, and in what quantities.