Top 7 harmful toys for youd dog you would never buy.


When you think of dog toys, what do you think of? You probably think of your dog running around playing with their toy. You probably don’t think of the toy causing harm, do you?

The answer is no. You buy dog toys, your intent is not hurting your four-legged fuzzy friends. The intention was giving them a toy they could play with to increase their mood and well-being.

Now, not all toys are harmful but, some dog toys that you should stay away from or be aware of.

7 harmful dog toys for your dog you would never buy if you knew the damage they cause.

Stuffed Animals (toys with poly-fil)

Stuffed animals seem like a pretty great choice when buying your fuzz a new dog toy. They are actually one of the more popular dog toys. Yet, the little make-believe characters can be harmful. Dogs are pretty prone to chew on their dog toys.

Which one chew leads to another, the stuffy turns into pieces. Which I’m sure you’ve experienced once or twice in your dog journey or, will experience.

Once that stuffed dog toy becomes ripped up particles annoyingly laying all over your house, the dog may be prone to eating the filling inside the stuffed toy.

The filling in the toy can cause harmful issues. One issue is a choking hazard. The fuzz can become stuck between teeth and get logged in your dog’s throat causing them to choke.

Which is not good if your dog is unattended. Now, even if your pup ends up swallowing the stuffing without problems, the issue becomes deeper as it moves into your dog’s intestines.

This may cause damage and could result in needing surgery or causing death.

Squeaky Toys or Dog Toys With Bells

While these little dog toys can be a lot of enjoyment for your dog they are not always the safest. Noisy dog toys have some sort of a plastic or even bells inside.

Dogs may enjoy these toys more than other dog toys because they are interactive.

A dog’s instinct is to find the source of the noise. Of course, your dog will try to chew up the dog toy to reach the mysterious noise. This is where complications may begin.

If your dog happens to get to the prize inside, they may be determined to get rid of it. Meaning they will eat it. Which again can cause choking or getting stuck in their intestines.

Latex Dog Toys

Latex toys make up a large majority of dog toys. They are also popular dog toys to be purchased. But, did you ever think that your dog like a human could be allergic to latex. It’s not a common thought.

Latex can cause harm to your dog if they happen to have any allergy to latex. It will cause a rash with painful bumps or even hair loss.

It could happen to get even worse if your dog decides to destroy the toy and decide to eat it as a snack.

Toys with Phthalate

Toys that contain any Phthalate are dangerous dog toys. Phthalate, what even is that? Well, Phthalate is a substance that is added to plastics to increase their transparency, flexibility, and durability. But, this chemical is harmful to your little friend.

They actually are fatal to dogs. They cause damage to the kidneys and the liver. If your dog breathes the fumes that they release or if they chew off pieces and ingest them.


While these tug-a-rope dog toys are popular and are an engaging toy with your dog they cause more issues than harm.

These toys are a way to show dominance if you are the one on the other end of the rope. The toy will create this dominance factor in your dog, and if you are the one to let go of the rope first and then walk away, your dog has won. This can cause your dog to show its dominance against you.

Which large or small, you do not want your dog having that power factor to use against you.

Tug-a-ropes also have the tendency to splinter off when wearing out or being chewed on. These little slivers can be ingested and cause internal damage to your dog’s delicate organs.

Kong Beast Balls

Kong beast balls are a common dog toy. They can come alone as is or, attached at the end of another toy.

A good example is, a tug-a-rope. Yet, while these toys are exciting and entertaining they actually can get your friend into a bit of a sticky situation! The biggest threat with this dog toy is your dog’s tongue.

Playing with this toy your dog’s tongue can manage to get stuck inside the toy. The toy not being removed can cause damage to the tongue which can lead to other serious health risks.

Painted toys

Colorful toys are thrilling of course. They even may seem more appealing with a dash of color. But, some health risks that come with painted dog toys that should be acknowledged by any dog owner.

Of course, again, if your dog chews off any paint an ingests it, NOT GOOD. Paint can be toxic and harmful to your dog if it has lead. Not a toy you want a dog that is going to chew it to shreds getting a hold of.

Not all dog toys are harmful and fatal to dogs. It’s good to know about what can be harmful and what isn’t. Now, you should still buy some dog toys for your dog. Note that leaving the toy where the dog can get a hold of it when they are unsupervised is not the best idea.

Don’t be afraid to go out and shop and treat your furry friend. These dog toys are harmful when your dog can choke or eat them. The problem can be solved if you watch your dog while they are playing with their dog toy.