12 Warning Sings of Breast Cancer Signs you should never Overlook


03-The thick area with redness or hot

Dense and thick formation of your breast might be the reason for breast cancer.

The thickening area on your breast for a long time could be the main symptom of breast cancer.

Due to cancerous cells, the blood flow is stopped thereby making the breast looking thick and dense.

It is also combined by infection on the skin where you cannot see any hard lump formation.

The breast of the woman gives her a warm and hot feel if these symptoms appear on her breasts. Sometimes, the woman who has these symptoms feel burning sensation and irritation.

The persons who are affected by breast cancer would have the skin appearing purple or reddish.

Many women take antibiotics for treating the above issues. In case if there is no change in their skin of the breast, then she can consult with the doctor.

However, breast tenderness is entirely different from thick skin issues on the breasts.