12 Warning Sings of Breast Cancer Signs you should never Overlook


11- Nipple discharge

Unexpected nipple discharge is considered a major symptom of breast cancer.

The nipple discharge abnormally, not during breastfeeding, is considered a major reason for breast cancer. Any change in the breast apperance can be taken seriously by women.

Sometimes, blood-stained fluid is discharged on the breast is another symptom of breast cancer.

Self-testing is not going to yield you results unless and otherwise, you are an expert.

Hence, consult a doctor on your symptoms and confirm the real status of your health. Usually, mammogram or ultrasound testing procedures are conducted for women who have symptoms.

Lumps and knots. Even the breast skin texture change is taken for considering the breast cancer symptom.

The nipple discharge might be mild because of some other symptoms in some women.

However, the fluid discharge is more and paining then the woman has to be careful by checking.