12 Warning Sings of Breast Cancer Signs you should never Overlook


10- Nipple retraction

The other major symptom of breast cancer for a woman is Nipple retraction.

This symptom is the inward turning of nipples instead of outward. This symptom is a normal variant for a woman where the tissues of the nipple are inflamed in common.

The reality of nipple retraction is the absence of erection.

The nipple does not stand erect and instead, it lies flat.

When this condition is examined or noticed by a woman she has to check it.

If the woman has retracted nipples with pain and discomfort then she has to be well prepared.

Even sometimes the area might have some irritation with oozing. The retracted nipples tend to swell on later stages. In case the woman finds trouble when she breastfeeds to her children she has to consult the physicians without fail.

Some women might have retracted nipples since birth which is not an issue but sudden changes are serious. Pulling in of the nipple should be taken seriously by the woman who has.

The growth of cancer is formed under the nipple part which pulls in the nipple towards the inside. This is serious and hence requires a medical check immediately.