12 Warning Sings of Breast Cancer Signs you should never Overlook


04- Lump formation in women

The formation of lump on the breast of women in deep is a major symptom of breast cancer.

The woman can find the difference between a normal lump and a cancerous one by the hard feel. The lump sometimes immovable for the person who touches it.

The immovable lump can be of different sizes and shapes. The lump does not have a constant shape on the breasts of women.

A lemon seed appearance of the lump is another symptom of breast cancer of women.

A hard feel on touching the lump gives the sense to the woman that she has breast cancer

Sometimes, the lump can be fluid-filled like a sac, and hence the woman needs to find the reality of the status.

The cancerous lump gives pain and discomfort to the person with reddish and swelling is the real issue.

The harmless lump is not a problem and hence careful medical exam is a must Women may have lumps and knots on their breasts which are not easy to detect by them.

Hence, a clinical exam would reveal the issues very clearly.