Worst 12 Food that Destroys your dog Teeth

If you want your pet dog to stay healthy and physically fit for long years with you, then paying attention to their nutrition diet plan is so much important. Sometimes, you might keep a dog pet in your house for the first time, and you are not too much aware of the food items toxic for them and which can bring healthy results for their body. So for all those pet owners, we are explaining a complete rundown discussion about all those 12 food items which are extremely dangerous and toxic for your dog dental health:


At the top, we have chocolates! Dog’s dental health experts strictly prohibit you from adding the chocolates in their diet routine. Chocolates can damage human teeth, so how can it be possible that it is not detrimental for dog’s teeth as well. Chocolates contain a high amount of caffeine as well as theobromine, which can damage the gum line of the dog’s teeth and make it weak enough. They might start vomiting or face abdominal issues after eating chocolates.

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