15 Best Online Colleges & Universities of 2020

As you can see, all offline colleges and Universities are now closed due to the pandemic attack of Covid-19. It is a drawback of offline courses and classes. Now the offline colleges and Universities have to proceed with their online programmes to provide resources and study materials to their students. But if you see, then you can understand online classes made higher education and degree more accessible than offline levels. Apart from this, the flexible hour of ONLINE COLLEGES allows learners or students to prioritise their work and family life during study online.

There are so many online colleges and Universities all around the world. All are popular and well-ranked as well. But before choosing any one of them, the online learners or students need to consider their aims and goals, budget and go for the best reasonably ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE CLASSES. So, for the benefits of the students, we are trying to rank the best online colleges and Universities.


Here is a full list of some Universities and COLLEGES OFFERING ONLINE DEGREES. We aim to help the students and learners to find the best and affordable online Universities and colleges. So, let’s check out the list:


This is one of the top-ranked universities around the world. This university has three different kinds of online programmes for students and learners all around the world. These courses are such as follows:

  • Masters of Applied Data Science
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters of Public Health in Population and Health Sciences

It is the 27th University in the nation by the US news. This University is also rated A+. The Ann Arbor campus of Michigan University has almost 30000 students. There are also online degree programmes for out-of-state students. The university has created some easy online tools for straightforward access by the students and learners.

The graduation rate for this particular University is 92%. You can get so many programmes there at that University.


This University offers more than 300 online programmes. The online MBA programme of this University is ranked #1. This particular University also offers 16 different colleges for the graduation courses. You can get the chance to have the degree of bachelor, Masters and Doctoral.

The distance students who want to learn at this University, for them, there are so many online resources, management systems and online career opportunity services. You need to pay $130 per credit hour. It is affordable for the students.


This University is located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is one of the top-ranked universities in the world. This University has more than 6000 undergraduate students. They only take admission of 36% students each year. They are ranked as the 49th top University in the US.

They have arranged so many ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE CLASSES. They have online graduation and masters certificate programmes. They offer all types of masters programmes of engineering including chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical and all.

They also offer online masters degree programmes in human resources, communication and classical studies. The graduation rate at this University is 90%.


This University is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. There are 4000 undergraduate students at this University. It is located 60 miles away from New York City. But this University offers a very few online graduate degree programmes.

The masters of Arts in Library Media Science and Masters of Arts in Educational Technology comprise a total of 30 units.

The social work programme is also there at the University that can produce the best specialists in the clinical social work field. The graduation rate at this University is 81%.


This University is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Their rating is B+. They offer 15 different online degree programmes for undergraduate courses. There are so many online degree programmes for the bachelor degree.

These are such as bachelor degrees in civil, chemical, geological, computer science and all. They manage online degree programmes perfectly. They know how to manage online students. Their study materials are updated, and this will surely help the learners a lot.


It is a liberal arts college in Northampton, Massachusetts. There are 2500 students at that University. It is a high-ranked college, according to Forbes Magazine. It is one of the top ONLINE COLLEGES.

Apart from this, Smith is one of the largest women colleges in the world. It has engineering programmes for women students. They also have unique and best scholarship programmes.

They only offer online mini-courses via their school of social work. The cost of these courses is between $25 to $35.


This University offers 12 different bachelor degree programmes in Science, Human Environmental Science, Nursing and Arts. It is one of the best online Universities.

The students and learners get the chance to access the career resource and scholarship programmes online. They also offer some of their courses through video conferencing. So, they offer the best ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE CLASSES.

The cost of the course at this University is $340 per credit hour.


This college is located in Indianola. They can offer the most affordable course in Iowa for the students. They offer so many online degree programmes for online and distance students and learners.

They offer online degree programmes and courses in Marketing Communication, Management Information System and Business Management as well. They also offer the Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice.

Through their online course programmes, the students and learners learn how to effectively combine research skill and critical thinking as well.


This particular University offers 17 different online undergraduate programmes for online learners. They offer courses including accounting, management and communications as well.

They also offer nine different Masters and Doctoral degrees to online students. Apart from this, the University provides hybrid programmes where the students can complete their courses partially offline and partially on-campus systems.

They provide resources through the digital campus online system as well.


It is an online nationally recognised University. There are almost 125 online certification programmes and degree courses at this University. Since the year 1892, students have had the chance to take part in the courses of this University.

The e-learning programme is aimed to improve the learning process of students. The students and learners can take part in these online courses without having to travel to the campus.


Eureka College is located in Eureka, Illinois. It is a private Christian College. They emphasize liberal arts education courses. The students can take part in the approved courses online at this college.

Eureka is one of the more affordable colleges than other colleges. The overall score of this college is 86.4.


This college is located in Bluefield, Virginia. This college offers so many online programmes for students who want to opt for online studies.

They offer online programmes in Business, Administration, criminal justice, human services and all. They also offer online MBA programmes for the masters’ candidates. They also offer online masters in nursing and education for the students.


This University offers high-quality life, natural resources and online programmes as well. The students will get the chance to learn more efficiently through their online programmes. They offer 90 different study areas to their students. It has regionally ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE CLASSES for online students.

They use the best learning method to teach students and also take their examinations. The learners and students need to pay $295 per credit hour for their courses.


This University offers nine different undergraduate courses. This is a top-most University for online studies. They offer so many undergraduate programmes such as Psychology, Accounting, Social Science and Management as well.

Apart from this, they also offer various master’s degree programmes. They offer so many online certificate programmes for willing students.

They can provide 24/7 support services to their online students. They also arrange the free online tutors for the online students and also online writing lab for their benefits.


This University offers dozens of online degrees and graduate certificate courses. This University also provides personalized education programmes in various studies. If the professional wants to get the entrepreneurship certificate, then they can also get that from this University. With this valuable certificate, they can earn promotion in their work field and also increase their amount of salary.

They admit new online undergraduates in the summer, spring and fall semesters. In-state students need to pay $179 per credit. Out-of-state students need to pay $696 per credit. The courses are divided into 120 credits. The delivery format is online. They offer the semester system for their online courses.

These are top-most Universities and COLLEGES OFFERING ONLINE DEGREES all around the world. They provide the best ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE CLASSES to online learners. If you are ready to accept the challenge of online learning, then you should go for any one of these colleges and Universities. There are so many benefits of having ONLINE COLLEGES and programmes such as flexibility of time; the students can balance their study irrespective of their personal and professional obligations as well.