Hilarious Moments That Google Street View Actually Captured

Google Street View is an amazing implementation to Google Maps, as there are a few of us who are so bad at directions, that in order to find a business, a building, a street or just to recognize a place we’ve been or are going to, that we have to google it and see if anything about the site sticks out to us or the taxi driver we’re pointing it out to. There are so many uses for Google Street View, however some of us are only here to take a gander at the hilarious and embarrassing moments that it accidentally captures.

TPd House

This is one prank you would never want upon your home, as it is a grueling task to take all of that loosed toilet paper down, but it seems this house had suffered the ultimate toilet paper prank. The question now is if the Google Street View vehicle had driven around this home again to watch them take it down.

A Second Proposal

Relationship problems and squabbles are things you usually would rather keep private, but it looks like this couple doesn’t really care about that, as this man had dropped onto one knee right as the Street View vehicle made its rounds. Apparently, this is the second time that this man has proposed to his Leslie. Do you think the Street View driver stuck around to see if she’d said yes?

A Strange Tea Party

Tea parties are often formal events amongst refined and albeit stuffy individuals surrounded by teas and cakes. This one however is one for the strange and misunderstood. What is he doing all alone? And why a banana? Where has that banana been? What has that banana seen? Legend has it that he’s still sitting there with his mysterious banana.

Extra Terrestrial Sighting

Aliens have eluded us for centuries. What do they look like? Are they really abducting us for experiments? Do they fly the skies in secretive cloaking space ships? Well turns out, we don’t need the government’s confirmation to show us how true the existence of aliens are. All we need is google street view. Doesn’t this alien look a little lost to you, though? Concrete evidence, indeed!

Loosed Convict

Having escaped must be the best day in this convict’s life, and finding out he was captured by Goole Street View must be the worst. You think the driver stopped to inform authorities? Did they stop and shout at the guards to impede him in his getaway? We might never find out, but hopefully, hanks to this snapshot, he didn’t get too far away.

Caught Red Handed

What were they doing to get themselves in this situation? Were they partying too hard? Partying too loud? What did they do to get in such a bind? We might never find out, but seeing this ordeal has us thankful that we are one of the responsible citizens and that our drunken benders are never caught on camera.

Gucci Model Baby

This baby has had a strong start in the modelling industry, touting brands like Gucci under their tiny infant baby belt. No one does fashion quite like this baby, and will have this moment immortalized for the whole internet for him or her to look back on.

One Man Unicycle Parade

Maybe he initially wanted actual people to join in on his little circus escapade, but since no one said yes, he decided that an inanimate duck will do. But this begs the question, what is he doing? Where is he going? Will we ever find out in an updated Google Street View snapshot?

Bigfoot Is Real

No need to track dirt out in forest soil anymore for unmistakably large feet marks, as Google Street View drivers have already seen Bigfoot. But why not notify the rest of us? Did they keep this evidence to themselves in order to keep the rest of us in the dark? This is more than just proof of Bigfoot’s existence, but proof of the secrets the government likes to keep from us.

Sleeping Bear

Even if armed with a baseball bat, we’d rather this man just left him alone and hopes he leaves when he wakes up. There’s a saying that says, “let sleeping dogs lie”. In this case it’s a bear that is so much more lethal and dangerous compared to a dog. Just leave it alone, man!

Convenient Tiger

All creatures need a little pick me up, and this tiger just wanted a quick doughnut and strawberry milkshake. You wouldn’t want to be speciest, would you? Serve that tiger with the customer service he deserves. All business is good business.

Wild Bikers

Bikers really should be staying in their lane, but that isn’t the case for this one woman. Let’s hope she’s learned her lesson this time and avoided imminent danger. We’re glad she’s wearing a helmet, though.

Thieving Seagull

Why even bother eating a snack on the beach when the only purpose it’ll serve is a glaring bait for seagulls. On behalf of all seagulls, we would just like to say that this display of thievery is not representative of all the seagull population, and this one seagull should be ashamed of itself.

Seagull Swarm

This flock of seagulls wanted their photo taken and immortalized by the Google Street View Crew. What else could possibly explain their move from the beach? They just want some positive representation after that one thieving seagull incident.

Bird People

Hey, maybe it as a costume party? A cult? Who are we to judge when this could be the most enlightened society on earth and we’ll never find out because we’re too clouded by our judgmental natures.

Human Pinata

If you are a masochist that needs to feel punished, look no further because we have got the most perfect job for you. Simply suit up and you’ll get all the punishing you want and deserve from screeching and baseball bat armed children. But don’t forget to bring your own candy, though!

An Army Of Chicks

This man must have honed his chick attracting powers so much so that he’s managed to attract actual chicks! It’s that or he bought a bunch of rubber ducks for insidious reasons that only he will ever know. Talk about picking up chicks!

Flying Bus

You would have to be a seriously bad bus driver to have squeezed you and your passengers into a situation such as this. If you’ve got a phobia for public transportation, this is probably the reason why. Luckily, they didn’t actually face any real danger, but something tells me this bus driver needs to find a new occupation.

Flying Car

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you won’t be a good driver, really think on it and really listen to your gut, or else, you and your car will end up hung on the side of the highway just like this guy. Something must’ve been really important for him or her to have driven so recklessly. Calm down and get there safe instead of fast and stupid.

Car Kebab

We all wish we can be a Google Street View driver so we can get into their minds and see what they see, as this has to be the most interesting find thus far. Do you think they get incentives when they find rare sights like these? Must be the best job ever on planet earth.

Vacant Parking Spaces For Floating Cars

Now this is an apartment that thinks ahead of their time. Since electric cars were introduced, we asked ourselves, how far can our vehicle technology take us? Up walls apparently, since this parking spot is literally up against the side of the apartment. If your car is a future forward levitating and wall parking vehicle, this apartment is for you. If it isn’t, then you can’t park with us. Literally.

And I’m Stuck

People are aware that the rear view mirror is a thing, right? How come this guy or gal didn’t deign to take a quick look behind him or her to see that the garage door lost power? The case is even worse if they were driving forwards into it. In people’s haste, sometimes we just say, “screw it!” and push on even when the universe is trying to tell us no. This is the embodiment of that moment.

Moving Road Sign

We all want to decorate our vehicles in something that represents our personality, or maybe like this guy, you just want to show other drivers on the road what it means to drive responsibly, so he adorned his car in caution tape, traffic cones and the American flag of course, because Murica! Ooh and this is probably also representative of the freedom you’d have to decorate your car however you like. In this case, it might be very bizarre, but to each their own.

Cat Walk

This is a literal cat walk and can only be done by trained professionals. Forget about training your dog to be on their best behaviors while on walks and around other people in public. Teaching your cat to sit still while on your head is the best hallmark of a great pet owner. Either that or there’s a new cat hat trend we aren’t aware about.

Nudist Lumberjacks

Hey, this is a free country, and if he wants to go get logs with his cheeks out and getting some much needed fresh air, then he can do so. Clothes are so pesky, too. So limiting and they cling too tightly. Maybe he just wanted to be able to swing that axe with all the force he can muster and if that means being naked, then so be it. Or maybe he was just done with the lumberjack stereotype and wanted to dismantle that altogether.

Why Did The Cow Cross The Road

Maybe there’s a cow migration ritual we aren’t aware of, or something simply pissed this posse off and now they’re on the hunt to get it, albeit a very slow hunt. Cows just like humans have places to be, and it would be very judgmental and presumptuous for us to assume they didn’t convene for important events.

Running Into The Red Light

How would you even explain this to a 911 dispatcher? “I saw someone run into a red light!” You say. The dispatcher pauses to clarify? “Someone ran a red light?”, they ask. “No, no, he ran into it. He ran into the red light.” You say again. “Sir, this doesn’t seem to be the right place to be calling for that, I would have rung local traffic enforcers.” They say, and you’ve been cut off. Maybe say that someone hit a pole instead?

Exhibitionist? Mothman?

When you have to get away from something or hide from your responsibilities, this just might be the way to do it. No one can see you, no one can reach you, and this just proves that you’re an expert in eluding your current commitments. If you feel trapped or lost, just climb up a high place and just hang out for a bit. Note, we don’t actually mean that and this is totally not advisable.

Mobile Hound

You’ve seen people come up with some pretty insane car designs before, you’ve even seen people drive an actual couch by outfitting the bare minimum with an engine and a stripped down couch, but have you seen a car turned into a dog? Maybe they’re starting a business, or just love dogs so much that they needed a way to show it. Whatever they’re reasoning is, this is a very cool spectacle to behold.

Dumped Mannequins

A lot of us are afraid of mannequins since they resemble us in certain ways. What’s even scarier to see is a bunch of mannequins all dumped together with severed limbs and heads. At first glance, you may think of this as a horrific crime scene, at a second glance, you’re able to sigh with relief realizing, everything’s okay after all and all it is is a bunch of plastic people.

Bunny Man

There are things that we catch sight of that make us wonder what exactly is going on in a random stranger’s life, and this is one of those times. Was he hired to be a costume bunny for the party? Or maybe he’s a serial killer who lives out his crimes in his bunny identity. Whatever it is, we hope there’s a completely rational reason why this man was dressed this way.

Burst Fire Hydrant

This is an incredible sight to witness, a fire hydrants that exploded spewing relentless amounts of water. The incredible pressure in these pipes must be incredible to have it all gushing out like that. This is a quick reminder to everyone not to disturb your local fire hydrants. They work hard to keep our fires out.

Puppy Escape

Maybe this dog’s owners didn’t quite study the dimensions of the gate they were buying since this little accident happened. We wonder if the Google Street View driver stopped to intervene and help the puppy out. Did the owners notice right away?

Muddy Accident

This girl apparently, instead of being helped was being laughed at by her peers. Not only did she have the misfortune of having a trip and fall around people that new her, cementing this traumatic experience into her mind until she grows up, but imagine her horror when she realizes that this humiliating moment was immortalized by Google Street View until the next updated drive happens! We sure hope she doesn’t find this article.

Star Wars Cosplay

A lot of us are Star Wars fans, and if these guys want to dress up at random for no foreseeable reason, then so be it. Maybe they needed more theme appropriate pictures for their Instagram and decided to just suit up and hit the streets. Whatever the reason, we can support an innocent cosplay troop. So, where do we sign up?

Hazmat Golfers

Hey, even people that handle deadly diseases and pathogens to protect the rest of the world need a break. Maybe this was their lunch hour and just didn’t see the need to get out of their rubber suits and decided to go golfing. They needed a little breather so what better way to let loose than to golf in your hazmat suits?

Google Street View Fleet

Seeing the cars that capture everything themselves is a very meta moment. Oh to be one of the drivers. Imagine all of them playing a very special version of tag that only they can do wherein they try to capture one another out and about in the real world, thus tagging one another.


Some people hate getting their photos taken. Not this guy, though. He decided to have a little fun with one of the Street View cars while mowing his lawn.

We Really Hope That Isn’t What We Think It Is

The scariest thoughts come to mind first when you see someone just suspiciously laying down on the bed of the truck and he doesn’t seem normal. Do we call the cops? What do I do?!

Capturing Hooligans

Luckily for thee boys, Google Street View blurs out faces. Having a rap sheet or a record is bad enough, but imagine the whole event of your arrest was captured and put on the internet. Let’s hope they don’t see this.